When Is It Time To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

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When Is It Time To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

It's common belief that everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but the truth is not everyone does! Some people will go their whole lives with healthy wisdom teeth that never cause problems, but for the majority of people, wisdom teeth removal is recommended in order to avoid many possible complications that come along with their arrival.

So why remove them?

Wisdom teeth are actually your third set of molars, and are the ones that are in the very back of your mouth. In most cases, these teeth do not have room to come in and can affect the alignment of your teeth, attract bacteria, are at high risk for decay, and can be very painful as they start to develop and erupt. Removing them is ideal to eliminate these potential problems.

When should you get them removed?

Most people start to develop their wisdom teeth in their teens to early twenties. We recommend removal during this time for several reasons. 1 - Younger people tend to heal faster. 2 - Most people want them removed BEFORE any potential problems occur. 3 - The roots are the last thing to develop on wisdom teeth, once the roots take hold it can make the removal of these teeth much more difficult. If we can remove them before the roots are completely developed and take hold, its easier on everyone!

What are the signs that it's time to get your wisdom teeth removed?

- Pain and swelling on the back molars

- Severe decay on back molars

- Pain in the jaw

- Damage to adjacent teeth

- Gum disease and infection in the soft tissues surrounding the wisdom teeth

If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms give our office a call immediately.

We remove wisdom teeth!!!

Our doctors are highly trained and expereicned in oral surgery and can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding wisdom teeth removal. We offer oral sedation and nitrous and can make your experience a pleasant one. Just check out any of our reviews or stop in to get more information. We here at Comfort Dental of Clinton look forward to hearing from you! (801)825-3993.


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